Saturday, 9 November 2013

Raising the Dead and Horny Merchants


Royce: (f) Lawful Fighter 1 (Played by Rae)
Freija Shieldcracker: (f) Lawful Dwarf 1 (Played by Laura)
Arias: (f) Neutral Elf 1 (Played by Sarah)
Katerina Petrov: (f) Lawful Cleric 1 (Played by Laura)
Willow: (f) Neutral Magic-User 1 with chaotic tendencies (Played by Rae)
Thalia: (f) Neutral Thief 1 (Played by Rae)
Silus: (m) Neutral Thief 1 (Played by Sarah)

Ok. So, I'm a total loser and lazy bitch. I readily admit it. And just to further prove the point, I'm now going to finally update this blog with some session reviews, but as I'm a lazy bitch I'm going to summarize it in much less detail than I'd want to read about it in. So I apologize for making you wait so long for this and then leaving you disappointed with the summary. But things have been hectic and stressful at home the past month or so, so I hope you will understand. And besides, I'd much rather catch up quickly than have things pile up and more details be forgotten.

What's His Nuts and Magical Resuscitation:

So, when last we left our heroines (and Silus), they were returning to Threshold with two dead companions: the most badass of the group, Freja Shieldcracker (dwarven veteran and professional head smasher) and Royce (quite the looker beneath her full plate mail, two-handed greatsword, hand axe, and daggers).

The party reaches the threshold of Threshold by about noon. Katerina briefly asks the gate keeper where "what's his nuts" is... I mean, Patriarch Sherlane...... heh heh... heh....? The keeper says he would likely be at the Church of Karameikos cathedral in the centre of town.

Caldwell, feeling somewhat responsible for the deaths, takes the party to the cathedral in his wagon and waits while Katerina and Arias go inside to speak with the patriarch. Raising the dead will cost the party 500 gp per ritual. The party only has roughly half what's needed, enough for one resurrection. Patriarch Sherlane tells the party that there's word of a rogue chaotic cleric a little ways East of the city that may possibly have a stolen holy relic and that the Church of Karameikos is willing to pay 500 gp each, half up front, to any adventurers willing to investigate. And twice as much if they are able to recover the stolen relic. He's willing to, on the word of their cleric that they will take on this quest, raise the two fighters and allow them time to fulfill their contract to Caldwell, on credit (to be drawn from the quest payment when they head out to recover the relic).

(I hope that came across clearly enough... it's a confusing sentence. Basically, they promise to go on the quest as soon as they finish with Caldwell, and the patriarch raises their friends and takes payment from what will be payed out in advance of the quest. So they owe the Church of Karameikos 1,000 gp which will come from the 250 gp that each member will get when they head out on the quest. 250 x 7 = 1,750 so they'll have only 750 gp to prepare for the next quest, but should have more than sufficient money from Castle Caldwell to make up for it.)

The patriarch raises the two dead characters and Caldwell drops them off at the Mischievous Pixie. Recovery takes two weeks of solid bed rest and the loot is divided up between the party. Lots of copper and silver but not a very large bottom line just yet. The party decide to each open bank accounts with the money-changer in town.

Two weeks pass, and the party is fully healed and rested. They find Caldwell on the morning of a brisk autumn day. He takes them again to the castle and they go in and bring out the dead bodies of the goblins they had left in the room two weeks ago and which by this time are stinking up the castle. Then they go back in, search the room to the left of the main doors, find it's an old dining room with no monsters and a small bag of silver coins under one of the tables and bring it back out to leave in the safety of the wagon.

Back inside, they find the three rooms which line the North wall of the hallway near the entrance are occupied by some travelling merchants looking to save a few coins from paying for lodgings in town. One of the merchants happens to be in the middle of... shall we say... loving himself? when the party shouts through the door that he's to leave the castle. When they go inside, he's hastily pulling on his trousers and some of the party sees his stiffy before he's able to pull them all the way on. All three merchants leave without complaint and the adventurers decide it's time for lunch outside, and Clifton feels generous and shares a small keg of ale with them, happy to see so many dead goblin bodies and the merchants leaving his castle.

And I'll leave it at that for now. That was two sessions worth. There's also last week's but I'll have to leave that til next time.


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