Saturday, 12 October 2013

I know I still have to post my reviews of the last two sessions with our heroines still, but this post is going to be a bit of an aside. Sorry... I'll try my best to get those up here this week. We're taking a short break for this and next weekends due to holiday engagements anyway, so I'll have time for it.

Anyway, I've been wanting to get into porn for a while now and haven't been able to make the contacts I need for it. Plus, almost all porn is shot in California, so it'll be hard to get my foot in up here in Canada. HOWEVER... I was contacted recently by a photographer, Kevin Dong, who works for Grooby the company behind Canada T-girls. He saw my ad on Shemale Canada and wanted to set up a photoshoot with me.

The photoshoot was yesterday and I was really nervous but excited at the same time. I was supposed to bring two pieces of ID for their records to prove I'm over 18 (they're an American company and follow the U.S.C. 18 thing or whatever you always see on all porn sites). Also, I had to bring two outfits for the shoot. One photoset and one video for each outfit. One I was to use a toy with and the other I was supposed to cum.

So yesterday I had my first legit porn photo & video shoot. Had some trouble with the intercom but managed to get in on time anyway. Met Kevin Dong for and we chatted a bit while I changed into my first outfit. The one I like to call "Sex in Heels." Laura knows the one. Lol. We did the photos, then a short video including an exclusive short interview of myself. I also got to use Midnight, my favourite vibrator. Mmmmmm.... Midnight....

Then I cleaned up and changed to my second outfit, sort of a punk girl look with knee high Converse knock-offs (can't afford the real deal) and short skirt with lace-back tank and my collar. Same deal minus the interview and toy. Unfortunately, a combination of three years on hormones, some technical difficulties with the porn I was using for "inspiration" and performance anxiety prevented me from fully finishing (if you know what I mean) but otherwise it was an amazing first experience in the porn industry. I also got some cool swag that I'm looking forward to using... If you know what I mean ;)

And I could finally get that bad-ass schoolgirl outfit I've been saving for... "Well well Mr. Teacher, how do YOU like being spanked with a ruler? No! (WHAP!) More! (WHAP!) Homework!(WHAP!)"

Heh heh....

The photoshoot should be live on in about a month or so.


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